An Aquatic Adventure in Atlanta


The ocean is a fathomless ecosystem full of millions of flora and fauna that we’ve barely scratched the surface of learning about. It’s full of color, diversity, danger, and pure beauty, and while it’s hard to appreciate while being on the mainland, our luxury apartments at make it easy to enjoy the next best thing with an aquatic adventure right in Atlanta.

The Georgia Aquarium is not only the largest aquarium in the city, or the state, but the entire country, boasting over ten million gallons of water, hundreds of salt and freshwater flora and fauna, and an endless supply of wonder and awe. It’s located only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive to their parking lot in just ten minutes, or – if you want to save on parking fees – you can take the Route 100 bus there in twenty minutes or walk in half an hour. Explore seven unique galleries that feature the best qualities and care of aquatic life, including the kid-friendly and immersive Discovery Zone Aquanaut Adventure; the ever playful bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Coast; and the Ocean Voyager, one of the largest single tank exhibits in the entire world constructed with 4,574 square feet of viewing windows and a 100-foot-long tunnel. Special tours cycle through every day, giving deep information on all the exhibits, so you can really learn and explore the exhibits around you. Finally, the Georgia Aquarium plans to expand in 2020 with new exhibits and creatures, so you’ll have even more amazing things to see in the near future.

Explore the widest aquatic depths of our world from home at Alexan on 8th. Check out our Atlanta luxury apartments and the Georgia Aquarium for an unforgettable experience.

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