Atlanta Luxury Apartments Dressed to Impress

It’s hard to find the right balance between comfort and class, at least in the realm of fashion. After all, it’s impossible to get away with your favorite pair of sweats at a formal gala, and wearing high-end shoes or heels can leave you with horrible blisters at the end of the night. Thankfully, however, our luxury apartments at Alexan on 8th merge the two worlds in harmony, thanks to our impressive amenities and our overall desire to let every resident feel right at home.

First of all, our hardwood inspired flooring in the living and dining areas matches well with any décor scheme of your choosing, and it’s durable and easy to clean throughout the year, saving more time for your leisure. Our high-tech kitchens are pleasant to the eye and the stomach, featuring two...

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three-bedroom atlanta luxury apartments

3A: Bliss in Our Three-Bedroom Atlanta Luxury Apartments

People need elbow room for their home. Some folks have families that share one roof, others desire to cut down their expenses by splitting their home with a roommate, and the rest just want breathing room to...

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Atlanta

It’s hard not to enjoy something sweet every once in a while. Even something as simple as fresh fruit with cream can make all the difference in your day. Whether you’re planning to give a gift to a special someone, you’re looking for something to spark your morning meal, or you just want a nice dessert for your dinner at home, our luxury apartments at Alexan on 8th have you...

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Luxury in Leisure at Our Atlanta Apartment Community

Everyone deserves a little glamour once in a while: an exquisite meal at a fancy restaurant, an hour or two at the local day spa and beauty parlor, or even the chance to catnap on a warm, summer afternoon. Granted,...

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Alexan on 8th gourmet kitchen

Rest Easy Around the Clock

The lifestyle you deserve is luxurious, relaxing, and comfortable. Rest easy around the clock when you live at Alexan on 8th. Feel how great luxury living is in Atlanta, Georgia. What do you need to be happy? Start with a fantastic home filled with luxury apartment features you will love. Cook something amazing in your modern gourmet kitchen for your friends. You don’t have to make...

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