High-Tech Atlanta Apartments

High-Tech Atlanta Apartments for High-End Living

There’s no doubt how much impact modern day technology has made over the past decade. Almost everyone has tiny computers in their pockets and purses, almost everything can be purchased with a single click or finger tap, and work and leisure has never been easier. Our luxury Live with the best of today’s tech here at Alexan on 8th. Take in our luxury high-tech Atlanta Apartments at Alexan on 8th feature some of the best modern amenities in the market, so you can make yourself at home with the assurance that you have complete coverage of all your needs.

For starters, combat the winter weather with the Nest thermostats installed in each luxury apartment. This smart thermostat can not only be programmed to your desires, saving you precious energy costs while you’re at work...

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Three-Bedroom Atlanta Apartments

Three-Bedroom Atlanta Apartments for Keeping Good Company

There’s a strong presence with the number three: three strikes in a baseball game, third times the charm, three scoops of ice cream for a banana split, and so on. Here at Alexan on 8th, our three-bedroom Atlanta...

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Atwoods Pizza Cafe near Alexan on 8th

Atwoods Pizza Cafe near Alexan on 8th

Atwoods Pizza Cafe near Alexan on 8th luxury apartment homes is a secret treasure that goes perfectly with your new address. The best things in life should be nearby, and your new home at Alexan on 8th puts you in the middle of the action. How many bedrooms do you need to be happy? No matter how many you choose, every floorplan has luxury apartment features to keep you...

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Upgrade your Lifestyle with Luxury

What is your best definition of luxury? Is it beautiful? Is it relaxing? Upgrade your lifestyle with luxury at Alexan on 8th, luxury apartment homes in Atlanta, Georgia. Find your best life with the right floorplan. How many bedrooms are perfect for how you want to live? Invite your friends for a party or host gameday. Luxury apartment features make every spacious layout welcoming and...

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Better Living Through Luxury

Countless digital wonders make life easier. But it takes better living through luxury to get the lifestyle upgrade you deserve. Make your move to Alexan on 8th luxury apartment homes and find the comfort you crave. Attention to the smallest features makes all the difference. Live the perfect blend between digital and analog luxury amenities for your total luxury lifestyle...

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