Feel the Burn in Midtown

Feel the Burn in Midtown

True luxury extends well beyond your doorstep. If everything you love about your new luxury apartment home ends as soon as you walk out the door, then you are living in the wrong place. Experience luxury that never ends at Alexan on 8th. You will find a full dose of personal comfort and beauty inside your new home. Elegant finishes and rich details surround you every day. But your enjoyment doesn’t end there. Discover how enriching community amenities can be. Find features that take care of you and help you meet your neighbors. Make the time to hang out with your new neighbors this weekend in a relaxing and welcoming social environment. Feel the burn or make a splash when you meet up with friends around your community. Great eats and treats abound in your new neighborhood. Make a...

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Atlanta GA Apartments

Atlanta Apartments to Kick Back In

Sometimes the best part of the day is when you get home from work: you can kick off your dress shoes, put down your purse or your suitcase, and instantly lay back on the couch with a contented sigh. Our luxury Atlanta GA apartments at Alexan on 8th make it easy to enjoy all those precious hours you get to spend at home – whether that’s through Netflix binging, hanging out with friends,...

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Atlanta One Bedroom Apartments

Gasper: An Atlanta One Bedroom Apartments Made for Ease

Everyone deserves a home that they can feel themselves in, and where they can truly relax. Whether that’s through immersing yourself in all the best shows and films that streaming can offer, bringing together...

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An Aquatic Adventure in Atlanta

The ocean is a fathomless ecosystem full of millions of flora and fauna that we’ve barely scratched the surface of learning about. It’s full of color, diversity, danger, and pure beauty, and while it’s hard to appreciate while being on the mainland, our luxury apartments at make it easy to enjoy the next best thing with an aquatic adventure right in...

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A Joyful and Relaxed Atlanta Apartment Community

Everyone has a different pastime that they enjoy, whether it’s spending your free time out in the open air, bringing all your closest friends for epic parties and hangouts, finding a quiet corner to immerse...

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