Wrap Yourself in Luxury in Atlanta

Wrap Yourself in Luxury in Atlanta

Your new home should offer more than a fancy kitchen. Discover the nature of true personal luxury at Alexan on 8th, the best place to call home. Coming home should be the best part of your day. Enjoy beautiful apartment features that also cater to your personal comfort. Take time for yourself, every day. Choose the floor plan and layout that will let you live the life you want. Host that party – you have the space for a good time. Share the good life with your friends. Enjoy long weekends with community amenities perfect for meeting your neighbors – they can’t wait to meet you. When you finish recharging at home after a long day, there is a larger neighborhood of fun right outside. Your next favorite hot spot is right around the corner. Check out that new restaurant with your new...

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Two-Bedroom Atlanta Apartments

Shamus: Stupendous Two-Bedroom Atlanta Apartments

It never hurts to have an extra bedroom in your home. You could have surprise guests that need a place to crash, a roommate willing to cut down the errands and bills, a need for a home office to focus on assignments...

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Comfort Food Close to Home in Atlanta

There are dozens of reasons to enjoy some comfort food at a restaurant. You don’t have to worry about making dinner yourself, you can make a fun date out of it with your loved ones, and you get to enjoy delicious food no matter what your current mood may be. Here at Alexan on 8th, our great location in the heart of Atlanta gives you one more: our luxury apartments are within close walking...

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Atlanta Apartment Community

Serenity Without Stop in Our Atlanta Apartment Community

Everyone works on a different schedule: some folk flourish on waking early and getting work done as soon as possible, while others thrive on the energy of the evening for their productivity. Whatever time you work...

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Kitchens for Every Cook in Atlanta

Cooking is one of the few skills in the world that is both a hobby and a necessity to learn. The basics of boiling an egg or serving some pasta will allow you to keep your home fed, but a wide knowledge of techniques and recipes ensures a colorful meal every time you set up your table. No matter your skill level or preference, our luxury Atlanta apartments at Alexan on 8th have all the...

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