Delve into New, Exciting Depths in Atlanta

The ocean is a vast realm teeming with life to delve into, so much so that it could be an entire world on its own separate from ours. Millions of fish, mammals, invertebrates, plants, and even microscopic beings swim around this haven every day, and it’s impossible to see them all in one dive. Thankfully, however, you get the next best thing right at our luxury apartments in Alexan on 8th, and you don’t even need to get a single drop of seawater on you to do so.

The Georgia Aquarium is not just the best aquarium in the state; it’s one of the highest rated aquariums in the entire country due to its impressive exhibits, animal preservation efforts, and of course the wonder it brings to every visitor. It’s only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments in downtown Atlanta, so you can drive there in ten minutes during peak traffic hours or, if you want to save on gas, you can bike there in under fifteen minutes or walk in under thirty. Explore seven breathtaking exhibits, each with over hundreds of beautiful specimens of flora and fauna to admire. The Ocean Voyager, for example, is one of the world’s largest aquatic tanks, featuring over 6.3 million gallons of water, over fifty species local to admire, and a 100ft tunnel to walk through and immerse yourself in their habitat. Best of all, tickets purchased online will always have a 10% or greater discount, so families can save up their funds for more adventures in the future.

Delve into one of the world’s greatest aquariums at Alexan on 8th. Stop by our luxury apartments in Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium for your next journey.

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