Food, Fashion, and Fun in Atlanta

Community event at night

Shopping trips don’t just have to be for the sake of necessities; in fact, under the right place, the right circumstances, and with the right circle of friends, a tour of the local marketplace or mall can turn into an exciting and fun adventure. Best of all, you can explore all of Atlanta’s best markets and malls right from home at our luxury apartments at Alexan on 8th.

The Ponce City Market is Atlanta’s premier shopping district, full of both tradition and modern flair thanks to the vibrant reuse of the city’s old Sears, Roebuck & Co. building. This place is perfect for foodies and those with an addictive sweet tooth, since there are thirty-five unique restaurants, food stalls, bakeries, and bars to fulfill any appetite. Try international meals at Botiwalla, Ton Ton Ramen, and the sushi bar in Miso Ko; refresh yourself at the Lucky Lotus juice bar, the Revelator coffee café, and the RFD Social bar and gaming parlor; and indulge in all the sweet treats at the Five Daughters’ Bakery, Collier Candy Company, and the Batter Cookie Dough Counter. There are other great shops and events that cycle throughout the month as well, such as this month’s Anthropologie’s Sit Stay Love event or the Sunday School courses made for the young at heart. Even the rooftops are full of life and merriment, with several select restaurants and bars taking exclusive patio seating surrounded by the Atlanta skyline. Best of all, it’s only two miles away from our luxury apartments, a mere eight-minute drive.

Shop for fun as well as for need here at Alexan on 8th. Check out our Atlanta luxury apartments and the Ponce City Market for an unforgettable weekend.