Kitchens for Every Cook in Atlanta


Cooking is one of the few skills in the world that is both a hobby and a necessity to learn. The basics of boiling an egg or serving some pasta will allow you to keep your home fed, but a wide knowledge of techniques and recipes ensures a colorful meal every time you set up your table. No matter your skill level or preference, our luxury Atlanta apartments at Alexan on 8th have all the amenities you need to make the most of every family dinner, casual snack, or a simple morning coffee fix.

First, all our luxury apartments have beautiful, modern designed kitchens from head to toe. The wood plank flooring in the living and dining areas doesn’t just create a natural aesthetic: it’s strong enough to handle anything from puppy paws to spilled wine, and it’s easy to clean and maintain throughout the year. Each of our apartments has two unique color schemes to choose from, so you can customize your living space before you set down your first box. Chill, boil, sauté, fry, and roast your meals to perfection using the modern stainless-steel appliance package, including a double-door refrigerator with in-door water and ice dispensers for instant refreshment. Stock your groceries and cookware with ease through the tall custom shaker cabinets paired with under-cabinet lighting. Look up the newest recipes and cooking tips through Google Fiber. Finally, dine al fresco out on our private patios and balconies overlooking great Atlanta views.

Bring your loved ones together for a hearty meal at home here at Alexan on 8th. Come see our fresh and fabulous luxury Atlanta apartments this weekend.

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