The Future of Home

Gourmet kitchen at Alexan on 8th - The Future of Home

Our world and its tech continue to evolve with every passing generation. Easy tech means more ways to stay relaxed. Whether at the office desk typing away at a project or you’re at home unwinding in between adventures, your digital life makes things easier. Experience the future of home at Alexan on 8th and update with the times. Modern luxury apartments bring modern and chic amenities into play so that our residents enjoy a comfortable pace of life around the clock. The lifestyle you are looking for is waiting at Alexan on 8th.

Tranquility Through Our Tech

We rely on our Internet connection more than ever these days, so why not go for one of the best providers? We offer Google Fiber to all of our luxury apartments. Google Fiber means that you can start surfing the web, download files at a record pace, stream your favorite films and TV shows from your computer or TV, or even play video games with friends around the world right as you move in. If you find yourself needing to charge your phone every time you come home, plug directly into the handy USB outlets in every room. Polish your cooking skills and play around with our high-end stainless-steel appliance package within our contemporary kitchens, including side-by-side door refrigerators, wine fridges, and upgraded lighting fixtures. Lastly, warm up your home at the end of a workday by programming your Nest thermostat from your phone on route.

Discover the future of home with your new digs at Alexan on 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out our luxury apartments in Atlanta this weekend.